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The Mission-Driven Venture offers anyone committed to social innovation a hands-on, actionable guide for leveraging the power of the market-place to solve the world's most difficult social problems. Written by attorney and financial advisor Marc J. Lane—a renowned thought leader and expert on entrepreneurship, social enterprise, impact investing, and entrepreneurial finance—this important guide explores the full spectrum of the varied interests represented at the intersection of business and social change. Together, mission-driven ventures and traditional business concerns can reach and sustain scaled social solutions.

Filled with real-world accounts of the journeys and successes of mission-driven initiatives, The Mission-Driven Venture clearly illustrates the transformative potential of social enterprise. Throughout the book, Lane offers the information and tools needed for becoming an agent of change and shows how to move from idea to reality with a step-by-step guide to designing and implementing a successful mission-driven venture.

Social entrepreneurs embrace mission-driven ventures that emphasize transparency and accountability. They lead by example. They fill a humanitarian vacuum left by government and charity, and they do so sustainably as only the private sector can. For example, social entrepreneurs may organize and operate a low-profit limited liability company that, by law, places mission above profits and facilitates foundation funding of charitable and educational businesses. The Benefit Corporation requires its managers to make decisions not only to enrich its shareholders, but also for the good of society as a whole. Social impact bonds provide long-term funds for promising social interventions, transfer risk to private capital markets, and tap into public coffers only when specific social benefits are achieved. Microfinance and microcredit are helping the poorest of the poor become self-sufficient business owners. And worker-owned co-operatives are converting the disenfranchised into self-reliant entrepreneurs.

Impact investors, social entrepreneurs, socially conscious individuals, nonprofit and foundation leaders, and anyone committed to social innovation will find The Mission-Driven Venture to be a practical roadmap to the rapidly developing arena of social enterprise.

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Marc’s new book, Social Enterprise: Empowering Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs, provides comprehensive information and resources- from definition to implementation-for the attorney who represents social enterprises, but will also be of great value to the social entrepreneur.   Mature social entrepreneurs and those new to the field will benefit from learning how to:

1) create and develop a business model for the social enterprise with due attention paid to the relevant legal issues,
2) organize and run the social enterprise, and
3)effectively measure the social enterprise's impact. 

Social Enterprise is laden with unique insights and actionable steps that will surely become a reliable and unique handbook for both attorneys and social entrepreneurs.

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 Representing Corporate Officers, Directors, Managers, and Trustees reflects the current needs of directors and offciers and requirements of the laws, rules, and standards that affect them, including... more


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This book provides the foundation for Advocacy Investing® The Advocacy Investing® strategy is Marc J. Lane Investment Management, Inc.'s proprietary approach to values-based investing in which both equities and fixed-income securities are selected by exacting financial and governance standards, as well as criteria reflective of each investor's unique social and environmental concerns.


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Advising Entrepreneurs helps you address the special needs of your entrepreneurial clients. With the growing interest in starting small businesses, entrepreneurs are looking for expert advice and guidance to help them overcome the legal, tax, and financial challenges they face.

This book outlines solutions and ideas that you can use to steer your entrepreneurial clients through the rough waters of starting a new business. From getting a business on its feet to preparing for an IPO, you will learn the different strategies and options available to your clients.

The role of a financial advisor has expanded in scope and importance with the growth of new businesses. Take this opportunity to broaden your financial planning skills and learn how to advise your entrepreneurial clients in the best way possible.



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